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Marketing Strategies That Integrates Traditional And Digital Channels Our detailed approach to marketing your business will increase sales, decrease operating cost and build brand recognition.





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Traditional Marketing Integration


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We build websites that are accessible on all mobile devices.


"Customize Marketing & Performance Analysis For All Businesses:"

The fast, easy way to track your marketing spends and measure return on investment

Bizmaxr Specializes in delivering advanced Internet Marketing solutions for companies of all sizes. Every project we undertake is handled by certified industry professionals from start to finish.
By leveraging the skills of our employees, Bizmaxr can offer your business a number of services, including website design, website analytics, Internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization, automated website workflows, integrated forms and much more.

Our Mission - Our Mission is to help businesses like yours grow through providing you with the tools you need to flourish in the world of digital marketing.
We are focused on how many extra leads / sales you are receiving because of your Internet Marketing Strategy. Are the right people visiting your website, and are they quickly and easily turning into qualified sales for you? Customer traffic effectively converted into sales and increases revenue and profit.

Business Planning for Measurable Results

Do you have a Business Plan for your Business? Do you have Marketing Plan that supports your business plan? Does your Marketing Plan integrate Traditional and Digital Mediums? Does your Marketing Plan include an estimated return on your investment? A Bizmaxr Consultant can work with you to create a targeted marketing campaign across multiple mediums that will deliver measurable results.

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Brand Awareness and Credibility

Your business is no longer evaluated based upon its physical appearance, but rather by how credible your Internet marketing is perceived online. Your website design, customer reviews, videos, blog posts, and social media pages all need to be current and relevant to attract and retain the right customers.

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Lead Generation Drives Sales

Does your business have all the customers it can handle? A Bizmaxr Internet marketing consultant will determine how to profitably generate more leads and customers for your business.

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Customer Communication

Do you have a strategy for converting leads into new customers, and current customers into real business advocates? A Bizmaxr Internet marketing consultant can show you how to leverage the power of Social Media, re-marketing and e-mail marketing to nurture your leads and cultivate your customers.

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Reduce Operating Cost with Website Workflows

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Increase your provide with a detail business and marketing plan. Plan your success and shape your future.
Increase your customer traffic using proven traditional and digital marketing tactics like Newspaper, Business Networks, SEO and PPC.
Maximize your Brand impression! Announce your Brand promise and position with the right blend of banners and social media
Engage and connect with your customers with a responsive website and signage.
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