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Social Media Marketing it is time to do it right!


Social media has quickly become a very important aspect of your online marketing plan. When done correctly, it can have major impact on your business’ reputation and your revenue.

Social Media Marketing is a MUST HAVE for every business, small and large. But most business owners are still unable to find the time, the money and the right resources to effectively manage the “social voice” of their company.

The many benefits of a strong social media presence:

Defines your brand – Makes it easy for your customers to share and recommend your company to their friends

Engages your customers instead of pushing one-way communication

Improves your search engine ranking

Improves the way businesses communicate with their customers, associates and suppliers.

Allows you to join conversations about your company or industry

Attracts new client leads by sharing your content and promotions

Are you thinking about how to connect with your customers with an effective and affordable Social Media Strategy?

Bizmaxr social media experts can manage your social media sites and more: At Bizmaxr we:

Help you establish a plan that can achieve the desired results

Suggest the platforms that better fit your customer’s business needs

Help your customers listen and answer any inquiries from their clients, to obtain a more realistic feedback from their business.
Post different social media articles in the different social engines chosen, in order to promote your customer’s business strengths and strategies.

Measure everything and generate the analytics report.

Does Social Media really work? The answer is YES!

So you see your kids playing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, tumbler and all those social sites and you wonder why should I bother. You are thinking I’m running a real business here!” Well, the answer is quite simple. Chances are, your customers are using these social networks, and you have the opportunity to connect with them, interact with them, and market to them!

Social media channels present a vast pool of potential customers and clients that you could tap into continuously, if you know how to do it.

Through Social Media Optimization, we can help guide a business into the social sphere and provide the outlets they need to start engaging their customers in places where they spend hours each day. Places where they can see exactly what their customers are saying about them, and then dive into that conversation and provide insight or guidance directly from the source.

Social Media Optimization, also known as “SMO”, is a process that allows you to take advantage of a number of items, such as contest creation to better engage with customers and even help to build a bigger customer base. The contests can help you gather customer information and build a list for email marketing as well.

Besides, what better place is there to get some attention for your brand than a place where people are already gathering in droves?


Facebook has the most users of the many social networks available to you through the internet. It is now visited more than Google therefore creating a Facebook Fan Page is very important for businesses to develop brand loyalty, communicate with their customers and monitor the temperature of audience.


Twitter is a micro-blogging site which can be used to drive traffic to your website, and to engage in public conversations with your existing and potential customers. This social channel gives you 140 characters to post the message or share the content that you want members of your community to see.


Pinterest allows users to create virtual “pin boards”, or inspiration boards of photos they find online. Pinterest is known for its ability to drive traffic to B2C websites. If your business offers aesthetically pleasing products or impressive before & after images, Pinterest is an important network for you to engage with.


LinkedIn is professional and business networking platform. There are individual and company pages, and users are encouraged to share content, join groups, and engage in conversations related to their industry. LinkedIn is ideal for Business to Business companies.


At Bizmaxr we realize time is your most precious commodity. We realize that you do not have the time to treat each social media separately, and post Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn updates each day with each media and audience in mind.

A blog is a great way to run your social media efficiently! Post a captivating blog daily or weekly and have it automatically feed into your social media channels. One piece of work has your company communicating everywhere.

Bizmaxr will also write the blogs for you to make your life even easier! The added bonus of regularly having fresh new content on your website from your blog, helps with search engine optimization, which makes blogging an even better choice.

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