Website Workflows

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Website Workflows Can Automate & Integration Your Business Processes

At Bizmaxr we can increase your business efficiency and effectiveness with the right website workflows to automate and integrate your back office operation. We customize, automate and integrate the right applications and website

workflows to capture, deliver, retain and optimize data in a safe and secure virtual environment to meet regulatory requirements and improve cash flow.

At Bizmaxr we can utilize your website to integrate and automate your back office processes. The recurring events; such as capturing customer details, managing assets, providing services, delivering supplies, generating invoices and collecting payments, that keep a business running are essential and imperative to a business success.

Bizmaxr can customize website workflow processes and applications to ensure the efficient and effective administration of your business. Applications and website workflows are easy to use and can be designed to engage your customers around the world. Applications include data repository that can be used to analysis business performance and develop marketing plans to grow your business.


Online Form automation can reduce cost and increase productivity.

Bizmaxr-Website-Utilization-Content-Picture-2-150x150 Website workflows and other online automation possibilities[/caption]

At Bizmaxr we can design one form, one simple website workflow or one hundred complex business processes to automate & integrate your operation. Extending the purpose of your website to include online forms and workflows can eliminate paperwork, improve data capture & retention, improve cash flow, improve communication and keep critical information from getting lost in manual paper shuffle.

Online forms and workflows can be linked together and designed to integrate with processes and existing systems. Form submission can be designed to include automated notifications and automatically generated reports for business and performance monitoring.

Online forms can automate workflow to increase staff efficiency and reduce administrative cost and reduce risk of processing errors. Online forms provides audit trail and supports regulatory reporting and compliance.

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