Website Utilization – Reduce Operating Cost with Website Workflows

Reduce Operating Cost with Website Workflows

I have advocated in the past that websites and domains are assets not liabilities. With the right digital marketing strategies, these virtual assets can be used to connect with quality customers, broadcast your brand promise and build your brand credibility and equity over time. Did you know that you could also use your virtual assets (your website) to operate your business? Yes you can with the right website workflow application!!

The Internet is well known for it’s ability to act as a virtual store but it can do much more. In fact whether you are in the business of selling products or providing services you should consider the possibility of integrating and automating the back office functions of your business. Website workflows can be used to drive operating efficiencies and accuracies throughout your business.

Many business owners view their website and domain as an expense. Some business owners even avoid this perceived expense by dodging the virtual solution for their business entirely. This type of thinking puts limits on the power and possibilities of the web.

Reduce Admin Cost with Website Workflow ApplicationLet us explore some of the transactions that could be integrated and automated via a website for an Electrician. Below is a list of business processes that could be automated via a website.

Capture and submit Request for Quote
Capture Work Approval (linked to Request for Quote)
Dispatch Work Order to team remotely
Capture Work Completion details (on Client’s site)
Generate Invoice immediately (before team member leaves the Client’s site)
Collect Payment immediately
Capture Employee Work Hours
Update Accounting software automatically
Initiate Customer Survey
Collect Customer Survey data
Analysis Survey Data – Customer Satisfaction
Provide Performance Feedback
Improve Customer Experience
Sales Reporting
The automation of these types of business operating activities is what I call “Website Utilization”. It is also important to note that this level of automation via a website is possible for small, medium and large size businesses. This is one of the many beauties of the Internet. It is a great equalizer. This level of automation would reduce administrative cost, improve cash flow, automate workflow to drive efficiency and create business data repositories that could be used to grow and improve the business over time.

So I would encourage you to remove the limits and judgments you may have placed on the Internet and on websites. Think instead of how you could integrate this very important asset into the daily operating fabric of your business.

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