It Is Important To Renew Your Domain Name On Time!

In order to launch your business on the web you need to register a domain name. Once you have selected a domain name and launched your website online it is extremely important to renew your domain name registration on time. If you do not renew your Domain name on time you could loose the Domain Name. If you loose your Domain name you will also loose your customers and any brand equity you have established on the web. It is like selling your business without receiving any money on the sale.

The Internet is not governed by the same rules that govern our society. In the corporate world companies pay millions of dollars to design, create and protect their brand / logo. Many companies register / trademark their logo with their local government. In the online world no such rules apply.

Imagine how you would feel if you were told today that you no longer have a name. For years you have been called George now you no longer have the rights to using that name. Your Domain Name is your online brand. Over time your domain name actual increases in value. This value can be lost overnight if you fail to renew your Domain Name registration on time.

Here are some ways to secure your Domain name

  1. Select Auto-Renewal Service during the initial Domain name registration process.
  2. Secure Domain for 5 to 10 years versus renewing annually. Securing a domain name of an extended timeframe will signal seriousness and commitment to the URL. Search engine may factor this into their search engine result pages.
  3. Request renewal notice in advance – Renew as soon as you receive the notice.
  4. Assign Domain Name renewal to your most responsible and proactive team or your Digital Marketing Consultant.

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