Your Website And Domain Are Assets!

Your Website & Domain are Assets!

Your Website and Domain Name are Assets not liabilities. With the right digital marketing strategies and website workflow automations the value of your website and domain name will increase in value over time. It is therefore important to invest into the ongoing development and protection of your Website and your brand.

Below is a table that parallels the strategic marketing and business investments required to increase the value of a brick and mortar business versus a virtual online business.

Brick & Mortar Business

Virtual Online Business

Building Signage, Billboards, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Radio, TV, News Paper Pay Per Click, Affiliate marking, news Letters, Email Marketing
Trade Shows, Conference, Networking Groups Social Media Mediums
Technology, Operating Processes Workflows, Forms, Applications, Online Payment, Member Subscription
Sales, Customer Count, Goodwill Detail Analytics that captures and retains customer traffic and customer behavior information
Other Value indicators for a Website and Domain Name:

Key Points to consider when selecting a Domain Name:

register all Domain Extensions to reduce competition of brand confusionRelevance – A domain name that describes your business products or services is relevant. If the domain name is also easy to remember relevance increases. A relevant domain name could also positively influence your search engine results. These factors work together to increase the value of your website over time. Please note that it is also possible to take and obscure name and create brand awareness and relevance with the right branding strategies. Companies like Google and Facebook are great examples of this type branding strategy.

Domain Age – A domain that has been live for a long time could rank better in search engines. High search engine ranking will drive traffic to the site, which makes it valuable.

Generic Domain Name – If a domain name has common word or words and common spelling which is easy to remember and type it will be more valuable

Domain Extension – The most popular and best extension for a domain name is .com. Most users assume that domain name will end with .com. Similarly most browsers default to domain name that ends with .com. To further increase the value of a website you should register all extensions to lock out any future competition and increase the value of your domain extension in the future.

Domain Name Length – A short domain name is more valuable.

Number of words in the Domain Name – A domain name with few words is more valuable. Therefore a one-word domain name would have a very high value.


Taking the steps required to increase the value of your website and domain name over time will increase sales and brand equity today. Therefore you should work with the right digital marketing and content strategist to map out your online marketing plan annually. A marketing plan that integrates, tracks and analysis traditional marketing as well is ideal.

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